Thursday, August 21, 2008

Changes at work

We have recently hired a new full time person in the office. That means a bit of an adjustment to create space in our relatively small office suite. I have been moved from my comfy 'nook', where everything was at arm's length, and am now sharing an office with Zakir. Let's see how that goes. I say that I work with my husband, but until now I didn't actually work with my husband, well now I guess I do! I am still trying to organize my new desk, and getting used to not having access to the desktop computer or a phone any more. I have to squint my eyes at my laptop computer screen all day now, ugh! Yesterday I actually went to work one hour earlier so that I could finish off some old work using the desktop before the staff came in and had to use it. I'm sure over time things will improve, but I guess deep down I'm a bit of a fuddy duddy.

My old office space stripped of my personal belongings

My new desk, in the corner of Zakir's office



So sorry you have to share the space...really...I have done this before and it takes alot of adjustment! I hope things go a bit smoother for you over time. hang in there :)

Unknown said...

I had no idea you and Zakir worked together. Maybe I missed that somewhere in your previous post. I knew you were both doctors. That's pretty cool. What kind of medicine do you practice? I think you told me general before but my memory isn't working. UGH! I hope you can make the best of the current situation.

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