Monday, August 4, 2008

The cat comes back, and heart surgery

First the great news: Tiny's back. She was sitting at the back door at 6am this morning, when we let Sammy out to go hunt for her. Evidently she was just out for a night of fun. Did I mention that she's bulimic too? In anticipation of her being out all night and not having eaten, Zakir hid one of the cat food bowls. Usually if she hasn't eaten in a while she'll binge eat, and then throw up all over the place. That cat does not know how to pace herself. Anyway, tonight I'll make sure she is in the house super early, we don't want an encore of last night's events.

We have a precious little friend who just had heart surgery this morning. Janelle has single ventricle with transposition, and just had her second OHS, her Glenn this morning. It was scheduled a couple of months earlier than previously expected; she was showing evidence that she was outgrowing her shunt, with low oxygen sats. As of the last email I received she was out of surgery sooner than expected, and the procedure went well. Bilal and Janelle share the same awesome CHD surgeon, Dr. Knott-Craig. Her carepage is Janelle2008. Please drop them a message if you get a chance. Hopefully her recovery will be a good one, she has already proven herself to be a fighter, just like all our heart kiddos are.

Now I am struggling to get over the 'crud'. The worst yuckies are over; the body aches, chills and sweats are gone, but I still can't breathe nasally, and my voice is unusually croaky and hoarse. Maybe if I just hushed for a while, my voice would come back, but those who know me are aware that I love to talk. I sense the makings of another sinus infection, ugh, not another round of antibiotics! I'm going to give myself a few more days before self prescribing something. And of course now Bilal is pouring out buckets of snot (pardon the graphic details), despite all my precautions, and the gobs of hand sanitizer and soap I've been using. But he is not sick sick, just more thirsty than usual.

Time for another toddler story. This morning Bilal ran downstairs with a palette of face paint and a brush. I'm guessing he got it from one of the drawers in Hamza's bathroom, we've had it since last Halloween. He said, "painting". When I asked him if he had painted anywhere, he said, "Mine bedroom, up there", pointing upstairs. He was actually very proud of himself. Well I had to leave to go to work, but Vicki later discovered a large patch of paint on Bilal's carpet, which we still have to try and clean up. Hopefully face paint will come clean with soap and water, well that's how you take it off your face, right? By the time Bilal leaves for college the house will be an unlivable wreck.


The Portas said...

I'm so glad Tiny is back! And the face paint story made me giggle. I'm sure you're not giggling as you scrub the carpet, huh.


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