Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Back in the swing of things

This is Safa and Hamza's first full week of being back to school, so far so good. They actually started last Thursday, just 2 days before the weekend, but I don't think much gets accomplished during those two days. Hamza's teacher has a reputation of being strict, but as far as I can tell he likes her, and Safa loves the team she's on. She's excited about making the yearbook committee; only 20 got selected out of over 200 applications, and she's got her first assignment already. Not too much homework yet, but Hamza has his first test this Thursday. Bilal is also back to his old routine, getting used to it being quieter in the house. He has been sleeping in a bit, actually didn't get up until nearly 9am this morning!

It's been a nice day so far, after breakfast I took Bilal to Walmart for some grocery shopping and he wanted to go through all the toy aisles of course! We dropped by a baby group for a while, a group I used to visit often when I was still nursing him. After that we checked out a cool teaching supply store in Trussville, and picked up a bucket of magnetic letters and numbers. Vicki and Bilal have already started working on the letter 'B', so now we can have some real interactive teaching fun in the house. He is so observant and has a great memory, so I think he'll pick up these skills fast.

This evening is parent teacher chat night at Hamza's school, so I'll get to meet his teacher, and hopefully come up with a plan to keep him busy this year. The busier, the less mischief!

This past Sunday I took the kids bowling, which gave them an opportunity to see their friends they haven't seen during most of the summer. Bilal had fun running around the little arcade. Here's a tiny video of him dancing.

And here he goes again.


The Portas said...

Great dancing, Bilal! You're better than I am!

I'm glad you guys are getting back into the swing of a routine this week. I bet it will be good for all of you...and it will keep everyone nice and busy.

have a good rest of your week! Xoxo

Unknown said...

I'm glad to hear your getting back into your routine. I just loved the video of Bilal! He is getting to be such a big boy.

Amyacl said...

Wow - school starts early there! The kids on our street are still enjoying their last couple of weeks of summer.

Love the videos - what a cutie Bilal is!

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