Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Another cat story

Today I came home, only to be greeted by two eager kids armed with a powerpoint presentation about, of all things, a cat! Apparently while I was at work this morning Vicki took them to the pet store to look at the animals, or one particular animal: Charm, the female cat that they fell in love with last week. Well they returned with a photo they took, and made a powerpoint presentation to explain why we need to have another cat in this family. They even included a table that shows how they are going to contribute to the care of present and future pets! A very compelling argument, I have to admit, but somehow I don't see either Safa or Hamza outside in their PJs after midnight, looking for a missing cat. That would be either me or Zakir, more likely me.

Also, Zakir really wants a dog, a BIG dog, that will live in the yard. My argument against that one has been poop in the yard. Who will scoop??? Well, yesterday he walked into the house with a local magazine with an ad in it that he wanted me to see. Basically it is a poop scooping service; people come out to you house and clear the yard of dog poop for $15 per visit. Nu-uh, that won't cut it. They're all a bunch of kids, including my husband!!!!!!! How can I keep fighting off these pleas? I feel like I'm an evil person depriving these poor souls of what they really want, but it's just too much responsibility! I can picture myself giving in to the kids about getting a cat, only to have Zakir whine and say, "But it's not fair, I want a pet too!"

In honor of my wonderful kids and hubby wanting to add to our family size with creatures of the furry variety, I'm creating my first poll. Should I give in to Safa and Hamza and get the cat, let Zakir get a dog, or put my foot down firmly and say "no", only to hear whines from the three of them for many days to come? Make your choice on the poll in the right sidebar of the blog. Maybe a little 'community' input will help put the issue to rest.


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