Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What's going on......

Safa and Hamza are both registered for the new school year, and supplies have been purchased and sorted. Just a few odd things left. So we are getting ready for 2008-09. Safa is eligible for and has decided to take all advanced classes this year, that's Math, English, Science and Social Studies. She has also applied to be on the yearbook committee, and intends to take debate. However as of now there is not a coach for debate, since the previous one just retired, so unless they have someone else in mind Hewitt won't be in the League at the Middle School level. Regardless, I think Safa is going to be in for a busy year. I have encouraged her to keep up karate, although she probably won't be training at the Dojo as much, seventh grade can be pretty heavy on homework. She still has guitar lessons once a week. Wow, as I type this all I realize it might be quite overwhelming for her! There will be a lot of prioritizing going on, for sure. This past weekend Safa finished reading the Quran. That is a great accomplishment, reading the entire Book in Arabic. We are starting over, and next time will probably read it with the translation. It took more than 2 years to finish it the first time, but with her fluency, it probably will be quicker now.

Hamza doesn't know anything about his fifth grade teacher, except her name. He has a 'meet the teacher' day one day before school starts. He has been eager to return to school since early in the summer, being at home has been boring for him. It's usually rather hot, so I can't send him to play outside much, and there's only so much you can do indoors. I don't think he's even been on his bike since the start of the summer, and that's very unusual. I'll be glad when I have a better excuse to pry him away from the TV. During the school year the kids don't watch any TV or play video games Monday through Thursday, unless it's for a school assignment.
Safa and Hamza have moved on to their next rank in karate, they tested this past Friday evening.

Bilal is pretty much over his surgery, but he does complain of pain when I change his diaper, I think it's really because he sees the steri strips and knows he has a boo-boo. He did not make the association of being in the hospital that day and the bandage on his belly, so thankfully there is no fear of the hospital. We went back to Children's on Saturday, to see my friend's daughter who is undergoing chemo for acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Bilal asked if we were going to see the doctor, since he recognized the place, but he wasn't anxious at all. I am now looking forward to letting him soak in the bath tub, we were told to avoid it for a week, and just give him showers, so we have a couple more days to go.


The Portas said...

BUSY kids! And smart, too! WOW! You guys are such good parents. It's important to keep the little ones busy with GOOD stuff.

Have a great week! xoxo

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