Saturday, July 19, 2008

Making money

Our business minded son Hamza has finally figured out how to pay for all those Transformer toys he wants to buy. He spent most of the day scanning in and cataloging over 350 pages (most double-sided) of papers from our office onto a removable hard drive. By the time he's done with the current load he will have scanned in over 1000 pages . Zakir's paying him generously. Initially I was skeptical, but gotta admit, he's doing scut work that no-one else would have been willing to do. Whe he took a break from scanning papers this afternoon the boys all went outside and Hamza mowed the front lawn, another source of revenue for him! I bet he'd keep his room very clean if I payed him to do it, but alas, that's considered a responsibility, so he doesn't make any money off it. Hence, his room is often 'not clean'. I have suggested to Zakir to give him some lessons in saving up for later and spending wisely while he's at it. Luckily as parents we do have veto rights when the item to be purchased makes no sense at all, but we like the kids to learn to make their own decisions too.

Working hard

hardly working

And of course, Bilal doing his share too

And here are some photos of Bilal right after his bath this evening:

Getting ready to brush those pearly whites

What a cutie!

Brushing his hair

There, done now. Note the wild 'do'

Today we had ice cream for dinner, again! We must try not to make this a habit, but we were pooped out from grocery shopping, it was 93 degrees outside, and Safa's suggestion made so much sense! We also bought a birthday present for Bilal today. We let him play with the toy in the box when he was riding in the shopping cart, but the hardest part was bringing it into the house and hiding it before he thought of it again. I want to see the look in his eyes when he unwraps the big construction truck on his birthday. It makes all kinds of awesome noises, enough to drive any parent absolutely crazy, but sure to keep Bilal entertained for a while. It was just too irresistable to pass up on! We are going to have a small family party this year, no serious bash like on Bilal's first birthday; we had over 100 guests at the local community center then. Our house is in no position to have people over so it's just going to be us, and birthday cake of course.


Tina:0) said...

What an entreprenuer you have on your hands! I'm sure the room is just like any other normal kid his age!

The wild hair is great! And what a handsome smile! I'm impressed at how well his scar looks - you can barely see it. Some day Vaeh's will be back to white again!

Hope you enjoy his birthday... & the 'terrible two's.'

The Portas said...

What a money-maker you have! Fun! Smart, too. :)

Have a great time celebrating the big TWO. Happy birthday, Bilal! xoxoxo

Amyacl said...

What an industrious boy! If he'd like to mow my lawn, he can come over anytime! Ice cream for dinner sounds like a great idea - I'll have to try that more often. :-)

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