Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mixed feelings

We are so excited that Bilal is turning two tomorrow! Now he'll have an age that is consistent with his behavior (the terrible two's, of course!) On the other hand it has been devastating to find out that a close friend of mine has a daughter who has just been diagnosed with leukemia. It was that same surreal feeling when I learned about it, the thought that things like that happen to 'other people', not to us or someone we know. The five year old is having a bone marrow done today, and then they'll get the definitive diagnosis, but I know how much agony her family is going through right now. I didn't get much sleep last night, between thinking of their precious girl, and with Bilal's upcoming surgery on Friday. Please keep both families in your thoughts.

Anesthesiology from Children's just called a few minutes ago, to do the preliminary questionnaire. We won't know until after 2:30 tomorrow afternoon about when we have to be there.

In honor of Bilal being one day shy of two, I've decided to share once more, the montage I made for his first birthday.

And my brother Tahir and his baby girl Aaliyah share a special day today, so Happy Birthday to both of you!


Tina:0) said...

Sounds like birthdays all around! Happy Birthday to all!

Let your friend know that we'll keep their family in our prayers!

The Portas said...

Beautiful montage and BEAUTIFUL boy. Happy early birthday, little one! Smooches!

We will keep everyone in our prayers. News like this just breaks my heart. Miracles happen, though, so we can always hope!


Amyacl said...

Please tell your friends that many people are sending good wishes to them and their little girl. We will keep her in our thoughts.

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