Thursday, July 31, 2008

My wild toddler

A couple of days ago I left Bilal in the kitchen for a minute while doing some housework. I came back to find him standing upright on the tall kitchen counter, with one of the cabinets open, reaching for a glass. I thought I'd have a heart attack. When I told him he needed to get down he leaned forward and dove into my arms without warning, knocking me backwards. Luckily we didn't fall over, but he freaked me out. Nothing is sacred in the house anymore, no matter how far or high up we put things. He is not afraid of climbing to heights or jumping off. I really don't think Safa or Hamza were ever this wild, no matter how much I might be trying to block out old experiences. No wonder he's the last child, after raising this one I'll be worn out and have too many grey hairs to count!

We have another week of appointments coming up soon, August 11th is Bilal's post-op and on the 12th he goes for his 2 year check-up. Fortunately he's caught up with his shots, so this time I'm mostly looking forward to seeing how much weight he has really gained since his last check-up. He hasn't had an unclothed weight check since then.

I really think the work on our sunroom will be finished by tomorrow! I'm so excited. Today the painters are finishing the wall; the staining of the ceiling was completed yesterday. The electrician has installed the new fans and light fixtures, and tomorrow the hardwood floor will be laid. That leaves the steps, which will have a little work tomorrow, they're almost complete. Yay! I am so looking forward to sharing the 'after' pictures with everyone. The room looks a lot bigger than we ever thought it would. And there is so much light, I love windows!

My friend's little girl is out of the hospital after her induction phase of chemotherapy. She has done quite well, but of course is dealing with side effects of the chemo. It is great that she is home, now she will be going in every Friday to Children's to have weekly chemo as an outpatient. I have another friend whose daughter (single ventricle with TGA) is getting admitted to UAB on Sunday for her Glenn scheduled on Monday. Her baby girl has the same surgeon as us, they have been able to schedule her surgery with Dr. Knott-Craig before he leaves Birmingham to move to Memphis later in August. It's a huge loss for Birmingham, but I hear there is another surgeon joining UAB in October.


The Portas said...

I think Bilal is going to be a skydiver! Send him our way, we can show him the ropes! :)

Hoping for good medical check-ups for you guys. And I can't wait to see sunroom pics! I'm so jealous, I want a sunroom!!

Have a great weekend. xoxoxo

Amyacl said...

Maybe it has to do with being a third child. My younger nephew, who is also a third child, is so used to watching his older brother and sister do things that he also does whatever he wants without hesitation. Must be a little hair-raising for Mom, though! :-)

In response to your question, our friend Jackson is 2 1/2 weeks older than Sebastian, so almost the same age.

Hope you have some fun weekend plans!

Samantha said...

Hi Mina...thank you for saying hello on our site! I am going to read through your site and get caught up on your family of 5 :) All of your kiddos are just adorable! I love your Bilal story...these boys are nutty! Good luck with the doctor visits!

Heart Hugs,

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