Thursday, July 3, 2008

Construction update

Our sunroom before the wall got knocked down. The parrot has been on this wall since the previous owners occupied the house. We will be going with a bright, sunny color on the walls, not murky green, so bye-bye, parrot!

I thought I'd post a couple of 'during' pictures of our sunroom extension. I'm tired of walking into a sheet of plastic any time I try to get from one room to another. It's very disruptive, and I'm ready for this to be done. Hopefully it will be no more than a couple of weeks. The outside is complete, and we've had the exterior painted. Most of the interior (formerly exterior) walls have been gutted, and the electrician will be doing his part over the next few days. We were surprised to find a drainpipe that was in one of the walls to be removed, so a plumber had to come and re-route it into the other wall. This means that the sheet rock inside the kitchen will have to be patched up too. No matter how hard I try the house still looks messy, and frankly, I'm just giving up. There will be plenty of time to clean house after the construction is complete. Of course we hope to have an awesome sunroom after it's all said and done, it should be worth it!

The wall is gone, and the two parts of the room now communicate

The drainpipe that has to be re-routed


Tina:0) said...

Looks like you have your hands full! I love the windows in the sunroom! I just love windows! Hopefully the construction phase will be completed soon & you'll have a wonderful new addition to enjoy!

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