Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Cardiology visit

Waiting for Dr. Colvin in the exam room

This is the post from Bilal's carepage today:

We saw Dr. Colvin this morning for Bilal's one year follow-up visit. For the first time ever I went in with a long list of questions actually written down, and I listened to what he had to say, probably better than I have ever before. Overall he is very happy with how Bilal is doing cardiac wise, and doesn't anticipate any reason for limitations in the near future, at least. He has severe pulmonary regurgitation, to be expected after repair, but not what I had heard (or listened to) him tell me before. According to the PC this is very well tolerated by most tet patients into adulthood. In Bilal's case a valve replacement isn't inevitable, but is likely or probable. He also felt that if he ever needed a valve replacement he probably wouldn't need open heart surgery, he'd most likely be a candidate for transcatheter valve replacement, which is experimental in the US at present, but hopefully will soon become the norm. Dr. Colvin even mentioned spacing out the visits to 18-24 months, but I asked if annual visits were OK with him, mostly for my reassurance, and he's fine with that. So we'll be seeing him around this time next year, if all goes according to schedule.

As far as risk of anesthesia goes, he thought Bilal's risk should be no more than a heart healthy child of his age, so that was very reassuring, since he needs to have his hernia repaired some time this month.

Overall it was a good visit; Bilal did not like the EKG, even though he was sitting in my lap, but as always, he was perfectly well behaved for Dr. Colvin, he sat quietly as he listened to his heart and did the echo, so the doctor got great views of Bilal's heart.

Bilal also weighed in at a whopping 29 pounds today, woohoo! I haven't just been imagining it, he really is getting heavy to carry.


Tina:0) said...

Glad to hear that the visit went well. That was quite reassuring to hear about the anesthesia for his upcoming hernia repair. We were told that Vaeh would be high risk for anesthesia, but this was prior to her repair:0)

The look on his face is one of uncertainty! I can only imagine how unsure of 'medical people' these little kiddos can be!

Glad all is going well!

The Portas said...

SSsooooo happy to hear about the good card visit! One year, wow. I cannot imagine not having to go back for an entire year. Maybe soon!

29 pounds! That's great. That has to be hard on your arms. Our 25-pounder is KILLING me! :)


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