Saturday, July 12, 2008

A bit of a washout (our day in pictures)

We made it in to Mobile yesterday around 5pm, and decided to go to Pensacola Beach this morning. Even Safa's bear Coco Pop was dressed for the occasion.

Coco sporting a trendy gingham bathing suit, with a coordinated choker necklace

An added incentive was the Blue Angels flight display, which was scheduled at the beach, and Zakir was anxious to see. Well, we got into Pensacola at 10:30am, and this is what we encountered on the bridge, evidently the Blue Angels demonstration is a bigger event that we realized:

We sat patiently in the car for another hour trying to get to Bayview Parkway (less than 4 miles actual driving distance).

Are we there yet?

We called information while stuck in traffic, and learned that the water access would be closed for a couple of hours, and that parking would be restricted as soon as the capacity maxed out. With the traffic ahead of us the way it was, we decided to go to the National Seashore, and hang out on the beach of the Sound, instead of the Gulf. We were told we could get a pretty good view of the air show from across the Sound. On the way we stopped off and grabbed a bite at Subway.

As we headed to the National Seashore this is what we encountered:


We sat in the car for another hour before we decided to call it quits and head back to Mobile, hoping that perhaps we could hang out at the local beach there, but the weather didn't let up. So reluctantly we took the kids to a place called Blu Rabbit's Paradise (similar to Chuck e Cheese), and let them burn a small fortune in game tokens.

Bilal, rather unsure of the toddler play area

Bilal didn't have as much fun as his older siblings did, maybe he needs to be a little bit older to enjoy it.

Well, the day wasn't a total waste, we did stop on the way home at Marble Slab Creamery for yummy ice cream, always a mood elevator.

Later we learned that at least three spectators at Pensacola Beach had got struck by lightning, and the air show was rescheduled for Sunday. Now we realize why we weren't supposed to make it to the beach, obviously it was God's way of protecting us!

If the weather cooperates tomorrow we'll head to the beach in Mobile. Pensacola will have to wait for another trip down from Birmingham.


Amyacl said...

Sorry that your day was such a washout! Well, you know what they say about the best-laid plans... I'm glad you managed to have some fun after all!

Unknown said...

I'm sorry your plans didn't work out like you wanted. I'm glad your all safe and able to enjoy some good quality family time in the car. :)

Tina:0) said...

Its always so frustrating when plans don't work out, but like you said... God had a reason! Its amazing that people survive such an event. Looks like the kids enjoyed themselves none the less!

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