Saturday, July 26, 2008

Birthday pics and more

I think that the next few posts I write will probably be in no particular chronological order. I have so many cute little clips and photos to share, I just don't want to cram them into one post, so stay tuned.

Bilal is recovering well, he was very irritable this morning when he woke up after 13 hours, but perked up after I gave him some Tylenol with codeine, half the dose the surgeon prescribed, with a teeny bit of extra infants' Tylenol. That seemed to help. After that so far he has had one dose of Motrin and another half dose of Tylenol codeine combo. You can tell after a few hours that he is getting upset, but can't seem to pinpoint what's going on. I believe that if he didn't spend his day climbing on furniture, jumping off and running around like a maniac he probably wouldn't need the pain medicine, but try and explain that to a two year old! We were told to expect some bruising and swelling, but thankfully we have seen very little of either. A few more day and hopefully things will be back to usual, minus the hernia. He ate very little of anything yesterday, nope, not even the french fries, but tody his appetite has picked back up.

We went furniture shopping today, and bought a set of sofas for the sunroom, with an optomistic delivery date of August 5th. Our builder hopes to be finished by the the first (yeah, right!) There is still the floors, the beadboard ceiling (which will be stained) and painting the walls to be done, as well as the final electrical work, including the new fans and switch plates. After that they have to build steps going down to the outside from both doors. Seems like a lot of work! Anyway, here are some photos:

Bilal's 'backhoe happy cake' as he likes to call it

Finger lickin good!

Opening presents, on the birthday 'throne' that Safa prepared for the little prince

Riding the little red wagon, and waiting to be called back to surgery. The hospital was well equipped with kid friendly transportation of all sorts. I think I only saw one child actually in a wheelchair

Riding the red wagon

Bear's turn


The Portas said...

I love the pics and I'm hoping that things are back to normal for your little man. He's sooo stinkin cute. Looks like a fun bday celebration! xoxo

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