Thursday, May 22, 2008

Work has commenced

We are officially deckless. The builders have torn down the deck and dug up the footers most of the way. Tomorrow they plan to pour the concrete and hopefully the bricks will be delivered. We are hoping for quick progress, maybe it really won't take 6-8 weeks?

I have been having bizzare facial pain constantly for the past week, thought it might be a sinus infection, so started taking antibiotics, although I've never had a sinus infection without a scratchy throat or stuffy nose, or this severe facial pain! Anyway, since it wasn't getting better I went to see an ENT today who, after examining me still couldn't tell if I really had a sinus infection, but started me on some stronger antibiotics and steroids to see if it got better. Otherwise he's going to order a CT scan for next week. It has to be bad when even an ENT can't tell if you have a sinus infection or not (after sticking a fiberoptic scope up your nose, yuck!) I am hoping that it's just sinusitis; there have been very few times in my life when I've had pain that wouldn't improve with two extra strength Tylenol. The last time I did, it turned out to be a disc herniation in my lower back. Well, I'll just see how it feels by next week. I really don't want to spend Memorial Day with a throbbing, achy jaw!


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