Friday, May 2, 2008

The Woes of Toddlerhood

It's not easy being a toddler! The last couple of weeks have been especially trying both for baby and mama. Bilal has always been a headstrong little guy, but with the upcoming 'terrible twos' things are harder than ever. I suppose it was the same with Safa and Hamza when they were little, but my selective memory must have blanked that part out. Bilal just wants to be contrary. At home he constantly begs to be picked up, and outside of the home he wants to get down and run. He wants Baba to bathe him and Mama to put his pyjamas on, or the other way around. If he doesn't get his way, out comes the screech and the tears start flowing. We strike many compromises except when it comes to safety. Who said parenting was easy? When the tantrum is over and Bilal is just being a baby he will do things that melt your heart. How can you even be mad at him? With his expanding vocabulary have come more words that we don't understand. Oh, the frustrations of knowing exactly what you are saying and not being able to get others to understand! The one thing that gives me patience with him is putting myself at his level. Imagine this:

You are smallest in the family, and everyone else is using cool gadgets that you aren't allowed to touch. Big brother opens the fridge whenever he wants something and you are restricted by a fridge lock because Mama doesn't want you pouring maple syrup all over the floor. You point to something on the counter you can't reach and Mama says "Wait a minute". So you go into the dining room and retrieve a chair, drag it all the way into the kitchen and get the bottle of water yourself, manage to open the lid and then cough and splutter when too much comes pouring into your mouth. To take matters further, the chair gets taken back into the dining room so next time you need something you have to start the process all over again! You see an open laptop and run to it shouting "Email! email!". Somebody else gets there first and puts it out of reach because they don't want a repeat of what happened to the last laptop (the system crashed, and the computer has yet to be repaired). Baba works at the kitchen counter with a large shiny knife, and when you ask for a "nice" you get handed a bright red item that won't even cut through butter. You are constantly chased around the house by parents and siblings shouting "No, Bilal! no Bilal!" And you thought being a parent was tough!

Here's a little clip showing Bilal's new accomplishments:


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