Wednesday, May 14, 2008

School Update

The school year is coming to an end. Yesterday Hamza went to Montgomery for a field trip; fourth graders go every year. He visited several state buildings and the Governor's Mansion, and the coaches didn't get back to school until 5:20 pm. Last Friday was Hamza's 'fun run', a fundraising event at the school. Instead of selling gift wrap and candy this year the school decided to participate in this health promoting event. Students got pledges based on how many laps they would run, and Hamza's class raised over $1300, pretty impressive. Safa's Friday was spent at Spring Fling, a full day of games and carnival rides at the school. I suppose they've worked hard all year, they deserve to have some fun too! School officially ends next Thursday, so most school courses are winding down, with only a couple of tests left and nothing but review work going on. I think many people have gone on vacation already!

Tug of war at Spring Fling

I usually spend most of my Tuesdays with Bilal catching up on housework. Fortunately Vicki and Bilal usually manage to get out of the house and go on a 'field trip' very often. So I decided I didn't want to miss out the fun either. Leaving the house in a certain state of disarray we drove around Trussville yesterday morning and found a couple of construction sites with some digging going on. These days Bilal is all about diggers. We parked at a distance and watched the construction equipment at work. Later we drove to Oneonta to surprise visit Baba at work. All in all a good day, but Bilal only napped 20 minutes in the car. That's the second time he's missed his nap in 2 days, and he was cranky most of the evening. I am NOT ready for Bilal to give up his 3 hour naps. They give me so much time to catch up on things I can't do when he's up. Today he's been asleep for nearly 3 hours, so I'm hoping he'll fall back into his usual routine. It's going to be enough of a disruption in schedule when construction work starts in our house in the next week or two and when his older siblings are out of school.


The Portas said...

Ok, did you say THREE HOUR NAPS? You must be joking, right? We are lucky to get Elijah to sleep for an hour and a half ONCE a day. Oh how I yearn for a three-hour-napping baby.

Tina:0) said...

How do you keep him from wanting to get out & dig with the machines?! Enjoy the nap times - once they stop they usually don't come back!

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