Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day weekend

After our trip to Chattanooga on Friday Saturday was more low key. I took the kids to the Birmingham Botanical Gardens while Zakir caught up on some paperwork, and we got Hamza's eye exam done on the way back. Got quite a hiccup at the gas pump, buying premium gas for the MDX at $3.979 a gallon. Just one day earlier we had filled the tank for $3.889. When are gas prices going to peak??

Sunday started off pretty quiet, Zakir got up with Bilal and took him for a walk, while Safa, Hamza and I had a lie in. We were invited out to dinner in the evening, so that was one less meal to cook! Our friends have a lovely home at the lakeside and there was a big gathering out in their beautiful backyard. The kids had a great time running around in the grass and the food was delicious.

Today has also been less hectic than an average Monday; with a trip to the stores in the morning. I had the chance to take Bilal to meet a new heart mom in our local city. Her daughter has had one OHS, and will undergo two more within the next couple of years. We share a common surgeon at UAB. Seeing a first time mom adjusting to motherhood remind me of how things were when Safa was a baby. Add CHD into the equation and I can imagine it must be hard for her at times. I hope to get to know Amanda and her little one more over time.

This evening Safa and Hamza used eggs as their secret ingredient. Safa found a recipe for curry and Hamza made a spinach scramble thingamajig. Both recipes weren't too bad, but Hamza wouldn't even sample his own meal, and when we tried to get him to eat it he started to gag, so basically this weekend's contest was void. What kind of chef won't even try his own food? Have to admit, Zakir's homemade raspberry ice cream topped the meal off perfectly, yummy!!

Here's a little video of Bilal hitching a ride with a shopping cart at Target. I thought it was so cute!


Unknown said...

Oh Bilal, your too cute!

I'm glad you got to meet another CHD family. I know you will be a huge support for her, because you have been for me.

Love ya,


Tina:0) said...

$3.97 for premium sounds pretty good to me! Its at $3.85 for regular here now, & last week in Ann Arbor it got as high as $4.19 for just premium! I think we'll all start riding bikes soon! Much better for the environment & for our health!

We met a few new heart families while in Ann Arbor, most of whom were also dealing with downs syndrome. Vaeh was a minority in her pod on the ICU!

Hope you have a good week!

Tina:0) said...

Oops! I said $4.19 for premium & I meant for regular! Who wants an suv at that price!

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