Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Is there a doctor in the house?

This evening Safa sprayed insect repellent on herself and Bilal before going outside in the yard. Of course Bilal insisted he wanted the can, so Safa put it out of reach on the island and went outside, while I was in my bedroom, just a few feet away. Well, a moment later I heard an imminent silence, then a loud scream. Bilal had dragged the kitchen stool to the island and had, I thought, bumped his eye against the edge. I took him outside to console him, and as we walked back in, Bilal still screaming, it dawned on me that he must have sprayed the bug repellent in his eyes. He confirmed this with a wailing "yeah!!!" So I washed his eyes the best I could and asked Zakir what else to do. Well, he said, "read the back of the can", which said 'wash eyes out with water and consult a physician'. But we are the physicians! It's so hard to play doctor with our own kids, but it happens more often than I like. Anyway. after rinsing Bilal's eyes out he settled down, and of now has a teeny bit of redness, which should hopefully be gone by the morning, no real harm done. The moral of the story is, no longer is anything out of reach of our toddler. He can climb, and isn't afraid to do it, so it's up to us to move things one shelf higher every day!

Earlier Bilal had a playdate with Aliyah. Actually, Mehreen and I met at the Summit, we roamed around, did some shopping and ate lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. The food was good but the service was very, very, very slow. The kids are only two months apart, and do rather well together. They look so cute, interacting with each other. I see the same twinkles in their eyes, although I have never actually seen Aliyah get into trouble the way Bilal does, every waking moment. Maybe it's a boy thing!

Waiting for lunch to arrive

Baby Aliyah, isn't she precious?

Mehreen and Aliyah, still waiting for lunch

Mama and Bilal, a fuzzy self portrait, but I still think it's cute


The Portas said...

Yummmm, California Pizza Kitchen.. Sorry the service was so crummy. Great pics, it looks like you had a fun lunch.

Bug spray in the eye can't feel good! I hope your eye is feeling better, Bilal!

Unknown said...

Yeah that would be kind of hard to do with your own kids. You just crack me up though..."we are the physicians" LOL!!!

I'm glad Bilal had some fun with his little friend. I can't wait to start going out with my friend and her daughter, who is only 4 months older than Arianna.

Hope Bilal's eyes are feeling better.

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