Monday, May 12, 2008

How I spent Mother's Day

Well, the morning started off with an extra hour and a half in bed........ with my kids, all three of them jumping around on the bed, accompanied by a 'Bob the Builder' marathon, four episodes to be precise. I know the theme song by heart now. Safa and Hamza gave me hand made Mother's Day cards, I always love those. Hamza's pretty much summed up his priorities, he's all about eating. It said:

Happy Mother's Day to the best cook (tied with Baba) in the universe.
Love, Hamza

Safa's was a little more sentimental and said:

I am so lucky to have you as my mother
Because you are like a flower
Never perfect
But always the best in the world

Ooooo, I love my kids!

Bilal had already given me a card earlier in the week. After lounging around the house for a couple of hours we went to a local park recommended by our mechanic, stopping by Sonic on the way to tank up on greasy food for lunch. During the whole car ride Bilal kept clapping his hands and chanting "part, yay!" (translated as park, yay!). We spent about half an hour at the park; our trip got cut short when we had a little leaky diaper incident, and since I had forgotten to pack a spare outfit for Bilal, we came home with Bilal buckled into his car seat wearing nothing but a diaper. He fell asleep right before we got home and when I put him in his crib he was wide awake again. After almost an hour in the crib he was still talking to himself and periodically calling for me, so I brought him downstairs and the kids and I watched Alvin and the Chipmunks on TV.

The afternoon was spent working on Safa's room, sticking up Wall-pops, which weren't too bad once I got the hang of it, but I'm not quite done yet. Here's an idea of the progress we've made so far:

Safa and Hamza made us supper (that's the fourth week in a row). OK, food's not always great, and there's quite a bit of prep and cleanup, but it's still quite fun. And the highlight of the day had to be bathtime for Bilal. I ran the tub and undressed him, and he started saying "pee, pee". so I asked him if he wanted to sit on the potty and he did, and then peed and pooped in the potty! Whoo hoo!!!! Then he wanted to get back on after his bath, and peed in the potty again! I think for now I won't be pushing it, but if he wants to try, I'm all for it.

How did you spend Mother's Day?


The Portas said...

What a great Mother's Day you had! You do have the sweetest kids. I love the squares on the wall. So cute!

I spent Mother's Day recuperating from travels. hubby made me take a bath in the afternoon, he let me take a long nap and he picked up my favorite take out.

Tina:0) said...

How adorable those cards sound! What a lucky mom you are! We cooked out on the grill & had a relaxing afternoon. The pictures at the park are great! Glad you had a good mother's day!

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