Friday, May 23, 2008


I wanted to share a few pics of our trip to Chattanooga today. A montage will hopefully follow soon. We had a great day, it was really muggy but the rain stayed away until the trip back home. We hadn't visited in several years, and the aquarium has expanded a lot since then.

First stop, Cracker Barrel for breakfast.

Next, it was on to Rock City Gardens, where Bilal loved to run around but was rather intimidated by the narrow spaces of Needle's eye and fat man squeeze.

Safa took a break and got her photo snapped in her princess pose.

Isn't this picture just precious? By this time the kids were really warming up to the camera, even elusive Hamza and little wildman Bilal!

Hamza got to do some rock climbing. He finished the easier wall with little difficulty, so got to try out the intermediate wall, he nearly reached the bell to ring it, but couldn't complete the last 12 or so inches. good try though!

We hung out a little while at Lover's Leap, and got a view of seven states (Kentucky, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia)

After a quick lunch at McDonald's (for the record, Zakir ate a salad), we headed to the Tenessee Aquarium. They have added on a new ocean gallery since our last trip there several years ago, so we ended up spending a good deal of time there.

We made a quick stop at Ben and Jerry's on the way out from the aquarium, who can resist ice cream when the store is virtually starting you in the face?

Safa and I took tons of photos, the ones in this post are basically just a few.

On the way back home, like father, like son, both were tuckered.

Don't they look adorable?


Amyacl said...

Looks like it was quite a fun excursion for everyone! You packed a lot of activities into one day - no wonder Zakir and Bilal were sleepy on the way home!

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