Monday, April 28, 2008

A worthy cause to support

Imagine you were a child admitted to the hospital with an illness, or in need of surgery. A foreign world, one full of strange noises such as beeps and alarms and strangers talking in whispers. A world full of IVs, and painful needle sticks, monitors and all kinds of medical tests. How would you feel? You probably wouldn't understand why you had to be there, what couldn't you go home to a place where life is predictable again? Miracles are performed in hospitals, but that is often more than a child can comprehend.

Now imagine if a friendly face walked into your room, with a cart full of books, and you were allowed to choose one to keep for yourself. Wouldn't that be a welcome surprise? Kate's Kart is making that a reality in one hospital. Check out the website and join me in supporting this budding charity. There is also a link in the sidebar that you can use to go to the website.


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