Saturday, April 19, 2008

What's going on....

We've got a dinner to go to tonight, a gathering of doctors and their families, in Montgomery. That should quite a colorful social event. Safa's been working on what to wear. This process includes calling or texting her friends, and polling them, getting ideas, so none of her posse look overdressed or underdressed. I didn't realize how delicate this process actually is, and I don't think I had the faintest idea about dressing up for parties when I was 12. Even now, I'll just pull out an outfit in the my closet and hope that it doesn't clash too drastically with the oversized diaper bag we still carry around. Kids these days!

Hamza has a friend's birthday party to go to at noon, and his teacher is having her class over for a party this evening, of course he'll miss this, and is quite bummed about it. His teacher's plans include a twilight walk in the woods by her house and roasting hot dogs and marshmallows on an open fire. I can see how that would be more fun for a nine year old than meeting a bunch of doctors' kids in a hotel. Still, we do plan on seeing a lot of his friends tonight.

Tomorrow we plan to go bowling with a big group from Sunday School, and today the morning will be devoted to yard work. Safa and Hamza got selected to be on the National Geographic Kids advisory board this year, and as a gift each got trees in the mail, teeny spruce trees that came in bubble mailing bags. They are planting them outside today. If they establish themselves in our back year they apparently have the potential to grow up to 150 feet. Wow! I'll add some photos when the trees are secured planted in the ground. Right now I have a little herb garden growing in a pot, basically rosemary, cilantro and spearmint, which are the fresh herbs we use the most in cooking. Zakir has a few varieties of tomatoes growing in our veggie patch, which is the one vegetable (well, fruit) we have consistently grown very successfully every year since living in this house. We are also planting some cukes, and peppers. The kids love getting involved and it's a great way to peel them away from the TV.


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