Monday, April 14, 2008

Update on our heart buddies

I have acquired this awesome network of heart families and friends through carepages, caringbridge and blogger. It's time to put it to good use. I mentioned Emma in an earlier post. She is at the hospital, recovering from heart surgery. Aside from some tube feeding issues she's doing well. Ashcer had an awesome recovery, and is doing well back at home with his family. Another precious little one Addisyn has made it home and is recovering from open heart surgery as we speak. If you get a chance, drop by their sites and read their awe-inspiring stories. I just learned about another little guy, Elijah who is going in for his full repair tomorrow. Wow, I know I'll be following the courses of all these wonderful children through surgery and post-op. For those of you who have a Carepages login, you can check in on Jackson (cp: JLFries) and Cassidy (cp: cassidylisa), who have recently had open heart surgery and the list goes on. For some of these children, a single OHS means a full repair of their CHD, and for others it's just the start of a series of many procedures. Little Karly (cp: Karlybug) is having her second open heart surgery very soon, and I know her family is going through the same anxiety we all do when we have to hand our child over to a doctor for heart surgery. There are many other children and families dealing with similar struggles every day. I had never fathomed that CHD is such a widespread disease!

Oh, and I nearly forgot to mention Nevaeh who will be having her OHS some time in May too.


Tina:0) said...

Hi, Mina
Thanks for mentioning Nevaeh's surgery. Its actually scheduled for May7th, so no turning back now! And, no, I can't blame her at all about crying for the docs. There are many times I want to cry myself! As for the eating front, no new progress. But we're hoping that she makes leaps & bounds after the ohs. We've heard that that can be a turning point for a lot of kids, and hopes are high that Vaeh is one of them! Thanks, again!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this awesome roundup. My son was also born with a CHD (or rather a few) and the CHD community is absolutely amazing. I will be thinking of them all...

Amyacl said...

My thoughts and prayers will be with all of these families and children. Every time I look at Sebastian's beautiful face, I am newly grateful for the miracle of modern medical care.

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