Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Bilal and I went to visit our friends Mehreen and baby Aliyah today. The kids interacted a lot better than I expected, in fact Aliyah was the perfect host, sharing her toys and snacks with him. It was so cute to see them interact. Of course, they were more interested in palying with the big empty water reservoir than Aliyah's toys! We hung out for a couple of hours, then took the kids to Jason's Deli for lunch. It threw Bilal's nap schedule way off, but it was a fun day. Every time Mehreen and I get together (every few months), we say that we should do this more often, but we rarely get a chance to meet. Next plan: Mehreen and I are going to dress up and go to a nice restaurant for dinner one evening, a girls' night out. Let's see how many months that takes to materialize!

With the weather improving the kids are starting to spend more and more time outdoors. Our basketball net is a little over 8 feet high, this is Hamza holding on to the rim, and rather proud of himself.

Of course, he didn't do it without a bit of help:

And then Bilal has to do everything that his big brother does!


Tina:0) said...

How absolutely cute! We're jealous of the warming weather - not quite on the same page up here in Ohio! Good luck scheduling the dinner!

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