Monday, April 7, 2008

Fever again??

I don't know what it is with Bilal and weekends. Appetite down again, puny, saying 'hurt', wouldn't elaborate any more (what can you expect from a 20 month old?) and fever, up to 101.5 this time. Not really any other symptoms, except a little more retching again. That was our night. I, of course had to go to work this morning, but Bilal slept in until 10am! Now why can't he do that on the weekends? He spent most of the afternoon playing, but was a bit more clingy, and he didn't eat much today. Since he didn't nap after waking up he was really ready for bedtime tonight.

Hamza saw the orthodontist this afternoon. This time he's not going to need more extractions until the next visit in 6 months. Poor guy has a small jaw, that is crowded even with his primary teeth, so he's been getting serial extractions of his baby teeth to make way for the permanent ones. We have been seeing the orthodontist for about 2 years, and haven't even started treatment yet! The extractions are supposed to simplify the actual course of wearing braces. I have to admit he doesn't cry even with all the shots he gets for extractions, whereas if it were Safa, well....... Hamza still has 8 primary teeth that are nowhere near ready to come out.

We have finalized the plans for our sunroom expansion project, and are waiting for the drawings to be prepared so that we can get the permits and start construction. We are optomistic that it should be ready by mid-June, as long as the city approves everything.


Tina:0) said...

Sorry to hear that he's got another fever! Could he be teething? Both my girls ran fevers, even up to 102, when cutting teeth. Could be because they both got all their teeth in two's! Praying that all are feeling better soon!

Unknown said...

I'm sorry Bilal isn't feeling well. I hope this passes without getting worse.

I'm so excited your getting the expansion to your house!

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