Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Buckle Up!

I wanted to share something about Bilal, I think this deserves its own post. This morning while I was strapping him into his car seat a car tried to pull into the parking space next to ours at the bank. As always, I had both car doors open on the passenger side. I hopped out of the car to close the passnger door so the car could pull in, then got into the driver's seat to reverse out. Bilal freaked out in the back seat with a loud squeal. When I looked back only one of his straps was secured. For the first time ever, I had forgotten to fully buckle him in, and he didn't want me to drive off like that. So I got out and buckled him in properly, then we went our merry way on without any further mishaps. I am soooooo proud of my safety conscious little guy. All that consistency and obsessiveness is paying off!

Just lounging


Valerie said...

Sometimes I can't believe how cute that little guy is!

Thanks for checking on Lexi. She has been having rythym issues for about 8 years now and yes, it is because of the type of repair she had. Although she hadn't had any episodes for almost 3 years, it sounds as though they can come on at any time. This was probably due to stress from school. She does not eat or drink anything with caffeine or choclate.

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