Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bilal meets Elmo

We had a chance meeting with Elmo today when we went to get Hamza's glasses re-adjusted. Bilal was fascinated, and a bit freaked out at the same time. He shook hands, but didn't really want much more to do with the furry monster. Luckily I had with me my handy dandy camera, so Safa snapped a picture while we were in the store. He talked about Elmo all the way until bedtime. The funny thing is, Bilal doesn't really watch Sesame Street, his exposure to Elmo is mostly limited to the little cartoons on his diapers! What he does enjoy watching is 'Blue's Clues', and he has recently become fascinated with 'Monsters, Inc.' Of course his attention span is that of a twenty month old toddler, so he doesn't really watch a lot of any show before he is on the run again.

He is still taking nice long naps, and sleeping pretty well at night. Today he didn't nap until 2pm since we were out and about, and at 4:45pm we woke him up. He looks so cute with that fuzzy look on his face and bed head when he first wakes up (man, he needs a haircut again!) Even after sleeping nearly three hours today he was ready for bed by 8:30pm, and usually sleeps until about 7 in the morning.

All three of the kids had some rare brother/sister moments today. It is not every day that they hold hands or even treat each other nicely. Bilal still exercises his jealousy especially towards Safa, and can be pretty mean to her when he's in the mood. Today, fortunately was not one of those days.

My kids, getting along well for a change


Tina:0) said...

We, too, don't watch Elmo but know very well who he is! Around our house its Noggin, and the biggest one is Lazy Town. Gabby tends to dictate the channel, but Nevaeh enjoys it just as much. I've never seen such excitement on her face as when Noggin comes on! Hope all are well!

Unknown said...

If you remember...we meet Elmo a few months ago. Arianna LOVED him and wanted to touch him, which really shocked me. She too doesn't watch sesame street and her only expose to elmo is her diapers and a few elmo toys.

It was so nice to see the kids together holding hands...melts my heart!

Sometimes I look at Bilal and I can't believe he is only 20 months old. He sure acts like such a big boy.

Well, I'm glad you guys had a good weekend and look forward to more updates!

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