Monday, March 10, 2008


The school has a yam decorating contest every year in March for Youth Art Month (YAM). Safa won third prize last year for her 'yamburger', and this year Hamza is entering with his racecar. The wheels are made of pickles.

Saturday was the karate tournament. I've been trying to upload photos since Sunday morning, but I keep getting some sort of google error, so they are going to have to wait. We were there from before 9am until 4pm, and the kids were tired of being cooped up in the gym without lunch. It wasn't all that well organized this year. Safa even missed the birthday party. We ran through the McDonalds drive-through on the way home (a rare occurence). In the evening we took them up to the Pinnacle for some shopping; it was good to be outdoors a bit. Sunday was a little more low key, but the one hour time loss has taken a bit of a toll. It will take a couple of days to adjust.


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