Monday, March 3, 2008


The two brothers had a great time outside and inside this evening. On the driveway they were speed demons (making me very nervous), and indoors they were 'Superbrothers' and then 'Darth Baby' and 'Darth Brother'. They were so cute running around, both wearing their blankies as capes. When they get along it's wonderful, but there are many times when Hamza can't stand Bilal getting near his things, and Bilal gets mad because Hamza's sitting too close to Mama. Well, I guess sibling rivalry is a part of growing up. I remember the days when Bilal wuld lie on his playmat, just kicking, and Hamza would ask, "when will Bilal play with me?" I warned him even then, that there will soon a day when he would be chasing him away so that he doesn't destroy his stuff. Well, as predicted, that day has come. Bilal can be quite destructive. I made the kitchen stool disappear because he would climb on it to get into any drawer. Now my resourceful little guy just drags a dining chair across the kitchen instead. No matter how cautious we are, I have to clean up spills from the floor almost every day!

On a different note, the weather in Alabama is being predictably unpredictable. Today the high temperature reached nearly 80 degrees, and tomrrow night we are expecting the low to be 29 degrees. We are anticipating storms and potential tornado weather tonight. Just hoping that everyone stays safe, and that Sammy makes it indoors before the weather gets rough. Thankfully he's our streetsmart, weathersmart cat, but it is still so stressful if he stays out at night. You'd think that after having him for almost 7 years we wouldn't worry about him, but I just like to have the cats indoors at night. Last night Tiny stayed out (which is very rare), and I had a hard time sleeping, worrying about her. Sometimes I wonder why do we even have pets? Isn't it enough that we have three kids to worry about? But then Tiny crawls up into my lap, and it makes more sense. Animals in their own way bring so much joy and comfort.

Here's Safa's self-taken photograph, wearing one of Hamza's old winter hats:

Isn't she so cute?


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