Saturday, March 1, 2008

Spring is in the air

Zakir's been working on the lawnmower, apparently it's on the blink, again! The kids have been playing outdoors, it's about 55 degrees today, but with the sun out, it feels like spring; with a gentle cool breeze, and a clear blue sky. The kids are talking about going to Callaway Gardens for a biking trip, and Bilal just got a new trike. It's actually pretty neat. Since his legs are still too little to hit the pedals, it can be pushed and steered from behind. When he learns to pedal, we'll just remove the pole in the back and he's good to go. We just have to get a helmet for safety.

We had lunch at Gyro's Cafe, a restaurant that serves Mediterranean style food, as well as burger and fries. They have a nice outdoors seating area, which was perfect for the weather. Hamza and Safa had their usual: hamburger for him and fried shrimp for her, while Bilal chowed down on a pickle, a grilled cheese sandwich which he dipped in hummus, and countless french fries, a good meal. It's nice that we can actually leave the house to eat out, without having to carry a jar of baby food. He is getting more adventurous with textures and flavors, well, it's about time!


Unknown said...

Nice to see you guys out and about. That is such wonderful news about Bilal eating new foods. I too can't wait till we can leave without baby food. He has come such a long way...I'm so proud of him!

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