Friday, March 7, 2008

Home Improvement plans

We spent a couple of hours today at the Spring Home and Garden Show. The kids love to go because there is a supermarket giving out free samples of all kinds of food, including yummy ice cream, but we went today with another purpose too. We are planning on expanding our little bitty sunroom out on to the deck. The sunroom is too small for more than 4 or 5 people to sit in, and we can only use the deck when the weather is just right, and there are no mosquitos. That, unfortunately, doesn't happen a lot. So a larger sunroom sounds more attractive. Phase II, maybe a couple of years from now will be to get rid of our rundown slide and swings, and build a nice patio with a recessed fireplace, or maybe a little gazebo. Today we came away with various ideas for the suroom, and are really psyched about the idea of starting work as soon as we get some estimates. We actually already have an appointment for someone to come out and look at the place next week. I like to entertain, but have difficulty getting more than a couple of families over because we run out of space. This could be an excellent solution without having to move to a bigger house, which we really don't need. Plus we love our neighborhood; it is safe and the kids have friends here. Also we have always wanted a nice level yard, which we presently have, and they are hard to come by in our little suburban Trussville.

There is snow predicted tonight, possibly up to 2 inches, which for Alabama is a big deal. Tomorrow we head out bright and early for the karate tournament, and in the afternoon Safa has a birthday party to go to. So all in all, a pretty busy weekend.

Homework in the back yard

Putting Bilal to work, he has to earn his keep somehow!

A walk around the block. It was 70 degrees yesterday

Bilal's first experience with a bouncy castle. We had to get him out kicking and screaming


Unknown said...

How exciting!! I know those events can be so exciting. Looks like the kids were having a nice time outdoors. Just love the picture of Bilal working...LOL!

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