Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Day off with the kids

Today is my day off with the kids. Since Safa and Hamza are out of school for spring break we thought it was a good idea to do something fun. We had planned to go to the zoo, but it's overcast and looks like rain, so we decided agianst that. Next plan, Chuck e Cheese. Well, we drove there, only to find a piece of leveled land where the play place used to be. Apparently, some time during the year that we hadn't gone there, it has ceased to exist. So we drove back to Trussville and decided on putt-putt, not far from where we live. That didn't materialize because we made it there 50 minutes before it opened. By then Bilal was starting to get sleepy, being driven all around town in the car. Hamza worked hard to keep him awake and we settled on McDonalds. Whatever! At least Bilal had a great time in the play area while Hamza chaperoned him, and we all ate junk food for lunch.


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