Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Another birthday

OK, so tomorrow I turn a year older, the big 29 (not really, but I've been turning 28 for so many years that I'm afraid people will stop believing me; it's time to go up a year). Actually, I had a reality check regarding my age when I went in for my first prenatal visit when I was pregnant with Bilal. My OB/GYN walked in the room and announced "Congratulations, you are officially going to be advanced maternal age." Gee, thanks, as if I really needed to be reminded. Anyway, she was AMA with her second pregnancy too, so hah! Advanced maternal age is 35 or older at the time of birth of your child, some number someone has come up with, that is supposed to be a predictor of a higher risk pregnancy. So, if I didn't turn 35 until a day after Bilal was born would my pregnancy risks have been lower? I'm not sure, but this did come up in discussion after Bilal was born. Of course the cardiologist was quick to assure me that the risk of tetralogy of fallot does not increase with maternal or paternal age, and as far as my pregnancy goes, I barely even took a Tylenol, and was good about my vitamins, so evidently I wasn't doing anything that should increase the odds of having a heart baby. Of course I did doubt myself and blame myself, it's natural, but I think I have finally gotten over all that. It was just a sporadic event. And this year I get my first mammogram too, yipee! Ah, the joys of growing old!

Thankfully all three kids are actually free of infectious disease at this point in time. We are hoping for a nice long healthy spell, but goodness knows what they can pick up from school. All those parents, sending sick kids to school, trying to mask their fevers with Advil, when they're actually contagious! Not something I do, of course. Bilal's appetite is good, he ate a real meal today: Haleem (a Pakistani curry/stew made with beef, lentils and wheat), with pieces of naan (flatbread). That is a great accomplishment. I am hoping that this means feeding issues are over, once and for all. Now even if he doesn't eat well on any given day, I don't stress over it, because he will make it up at a later meal. Trust me, that means that I've come a long way too!


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Mina! Oh you crack me up with the AMA story. I hope you have a wonderful day and the boys continue to play well together. I am so happy to hear of Bilal's eating. I too am hoping we stay on this good eating trend. We see the nutritionist next week and I'm so curious what her weight gain will be. Talk to you soon!

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