Thursday, February 28, 2008

More surgery in the future

We saw Dr. Saito at the Children's surgery clinic today. Bilal does have a hernia that is going to need surgical repair, actually he has a 'communicating hydrocele'. The good thing is there's no hurry to have the repair done. She is fine with waiting until after he sees his cardiologist Dr. Colvin in July, as long as we keep an eye on it. We have to watch out for a tender lump in the groin, which could suggest that it is getting 'incarcerated', or trapped. The bad thing is that according to her the smaller hernias like Bilal's are more likely to get trapped. I really liked Dr. Saito, and the fact that she didn't urge us to have surgery very soon. She said that to reduce anesthesia risks it is better to wait, since Bilal has just had influenza, croup and an ear infection, all within less than a month. She did say that we shouldn't wait indefinitely, obviously there is a structural problem that is going to need repair eventually. And while we were there she remarked that she had spent 15 minutes reviewing Bilal's medical records, and she was amazed that such a healthy looking child could have gone through so much. Only his scar gives it away. Well, I'm sure the anesthesiologist wouldn't clear Bilal for surgery until he sees Dr. Colvin, and that's fine with me. I guess it's just a reminder that Bilal is a tet, even though he looks great, and seems healthy in every other way possible. This is one thing that will follow him throughout his life; he is a heart baby and always will be, no matter how good his heart looks anatomically. But I am so thankful for Bilal, and the way God made him is how he was meant to be. I remember the days after he was born, when I cried a lot, and often questioned, "why us, why our baby?" But nineteen months later I couldn't ask for him to be any different. And on top of that I have come away with a new compassion for other peoples' suffering. I believe Bilal's special heart has made me a better person. Of course I'm not thrilled that Bilal is again going to have to undergo anesthesia, but God will get us through this too, we just have to keep our faith.

On a less reflective note, Bilal did superbly at the clinic today. He stood on the big boy scales to get weighed, and stood up against the wall to have his height checked. While we waited for the surgeon in the exam room he went through all the photos in my purse several times over, and pointed out and named every family member, including 'Nano', my mother, who had passed away when Hamza was only one year old, seven years before Bilal was born. When Dr. Saito came in he sat in the chair next to me quiet as a mouse, while she listened to his heart and lungs. Then he let her check out his tummy and groin, and did not even whimper. On the way out he waved and said "Bye!" to everyone he saw, all the way to the parking garage, he just had to charm everyone. Of course from the picture above you can see that he's quite a daredevil too, he dragged the chair all the way from the dining room to the hall to switch on the light. I know, it looks pretty dangerous, but he has to be able to explore. I just make sure that I'm not too far away. How many chairs and stools am I going to keep him away from?


Amyacl said...

Mina, I am so sorry that Bilal is going to have to go through more surgery. Poor guy - it seems like he's been sick more than enough this winter. But he is a strong little guy, and with all the support of his wonderful family, he will get through this challenge too.

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