Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Surgery evaluation

I'm taking Bilal to peds surgery tomorrow for evaluation of a hernia in his groin, or what we think is a hernia. It's odd though, some days you don't notice anything, and other days you just can't miss the swelling. Well hopefully tomorrow we'll get to the bottom of it, and know how to proceed from there. The reason that hernias like this need to be repaired is to prevent bowel from getting trapped and strangulated which could obviously be very dangerous. I'm taking the whole day off work to take Bilal, so that means extra mama and baby time together, and Vicki gets a long weekend too.

As of today we have no plans for this weekend, yay! The past three weekends either Zakir or I have been on call, so this will be a nice break. I plan to get some serious time sleeping in at least one morning. I still long for the days when I could get a lie-in once in a while, maybe this will be my lucky weekend! The following weekend is JIKF's annual invitational tournament, so Safa and Hama will be competing for medals in Karate, against some local and some out of town competitors.


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