Friday, February 8, 2008

Ooh, Carousel rides!

Vicki took Bilal to the mall yesterday. Apparently they didn't get to meet the playgroup they were looking for, but Bilal had a blast going round and round on the carousel. We have to take him back.

Ready to go

Hold on tight!

This morning Zakir and I had a meeting with our financial advisor at the bank. We decided not to ask Vicki to come in, and took Bilal with us. Hmmm, how bad can it be to take a toddler to an office and keep him in that confined space for an hour and a half? Well, Bilal got bored of the box of toys in record time, and proceeded to pull down books from the shelf. Then he reached for some rather nice looking awards and plaques sitting on the shelves. I managed to get him away from those, and he directed his attention to papers sitting on the desk. Well Zakir gave him some paper and he entertained himself for a little while drawing. We had a couple of conference calls with other companies, and evidently the agents on the other side were rather amused hearing a baby piping in while we were on speaker phone. In between we had to rush to the car to change a ripe diaper. Anyway the last part of the meeting was rather rushed, but we pretty much got our work completed. After that we took Bilal for breakfast and he was a little doll, eating eggs and bits of pancake, while waving and saying "Hi" or "bye" to everyone who walked by us. He fell asleep very content on the way back in the car, and is taking a nice, long nap, so he'll be supercharged for the afternoon.


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