Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My Little Entrepeneur..... and marathon runner

Hamza sold handmade guitar pick and beaded jewelry in the GATE merketplace at school today. He had made in excess of 40 necklaces, and sold all but three of them, making a net profit of $18.58 after expenses. All proceeds go to the school's GATE program. I'm really proud of my budding businessman. We are already talking about new products for next year's marketplace. Next year will be the last year that he will be participating. I'm rather relieved, less to stress about, but the kids enjoy it so much! Apparently guitar pick jewelry is 'in', but nobody had thought of making some, that's one reason why Hamza was able to sell so well: high demand with only one supply source.

I finally managed to get hold of a nice picture of Hamza running in the Mercedes Marathon one mile fun run, even though I had to order it online to get it. You can see the Auburn Tigers' mascot in the background, cheering people on.

And Safa got the much coveted wrestling belt for taking first position in the first semester of Birmingham region middle school debate. According to the president of Samford University debate, debate is exactly like wrestling, just without the contact. I thought that was a rather interesting analogy. Her team again won both debates today, but one was because the other team didn't show, so had to forfeit. I don't know how that's going to affect individual scores.

Bilal's new favorite pastime is to hang out in the car. He loves being in the MINI, so as a result we are hanging out in the garage, a lot! When the weather is nice he loves for the sunroof to be open and the windows down, even though he can barely catch his breath. You can see the pure joy on his face when we're driving down the road.


Unknown said...

What a smart little boy you have. He will do great things when he gets older!

Of course the picture of Bilal standing on the dishwasher just freaks me out...but I'm a paranoid mother like that. He looks so good, I'm glad he is back to feeling good.

Mina, I can't thank you enough for your medical advice. I appreciate it more than you'll ever know. After looking up roseola, I think your right on about that one. Earlier today I was totally freaking out because Arianna's eyelids were really puffy. They were like that yesterday even with her lasix so immediatly I start getting that horribe, "there's something wrong with her heart" feeling in the pit of my stomach. Then with her eyelids being worse I just wanted to freak. I figured, "ok, we see the PC tomorrow we'll just deal with it then." Then I get online and read your comment and when to mayoclinic.com and sure enough they said another side effect can be swollen eyelids. I felt SO much better and less worried. I really don't know where she picked this up since we've been home and she only got out once to go pick up her carseat...oh and to my sisters house but no one was sick. Oh well...guess I'll never know. At least the fever is staying gone and hopefully the rash will go soon. I'll be seeing the new ped tomorrow so I'll see what she thinks. Thanks again for everything!

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