Sunday, February 24, 2008

Mama's little helper

Bilal loves to empty the dishwasher. Any time he hears the door open he drops everything and comes running, it's hard to explain to him that sometimes the dishes in there are actually dirty, so they have to stay! He loves to empty out the bottom rack, and then climb on the door to reach the top rack. It really slows me down, but the pleasure he gets out of helping me unload it is really worth it. Of course I remove all the sharps before I let him get anywhere near the dishes!

Earlier today I was sitting in our bedroom when Bilal came running out of our bathroom, sounding very excited, "Mama! Mama!". I looked up from what I was doing and this is what I saw:

Then for good measure he opened up the lipstick and showed me exactly how he put it on, just like mama. He was sooooo proud of himself. I am so glad I had the camera handy.

I can't recall Safa or Hamza ever having gotten into messes like that, but maybe that's just my selective memory.


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