Saturday, February 9, 2008

Ice Cream for Dinner

OK, so we were all a bit naughty yesterday. We went out shopping, and when it was time for dinner everyone voted for ice cream. Well, it's not like we do it every day. Gotta admit, it sure was delicious! Sure beats leftovers any day.

Well, that was the start to our weekend. We've been pretty busy so far. This morning I had to go make rounds, and because I had some sick ones in the hospital, I didn't make it back in time to go into Birmingham with Hamza. Today was the Mercedes Marathon annual one mile run, which benefits Children's Health Systems. Safa opted out this year (she was home catching up with homework), so Zakir took the boys down and Hamza ran the mile. Temperatures were much milder than this time last year, so they really enjoyed the run.

We spent the rest of today out and about too, except for a couple of hours when Zakir and Bilal were catching up on some much needed sleep, and I wrapped up some office work. Tomorrow while the kids are in Sunday School I have to go round at the hospital, and then meet a few friends for lunch at PF Changs. That's something we gals rarely do, so I'm really looking forward to that. The whole family has a dinner to go to in the evening, so we won't be spending much time at home again. At least it's not doctor's visits this time! Speaking of which, Hamza has been sneezing up a storm today, I sure hope it's just allergies, not the start of the flu! So far he doesn't seem to be sick, just very sniffly.


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