Friday, February 22, 2008

Dinner at Konomi

Friday night is almost always our night to eat out. Tonight we went to our local Japanese steakhouse; we'll splurge and go there a couple of times a year. Tonight was Bilal's first ever meal there.

He started off with a nice cold, appetizing cup of ice. It's become our no-fail way to keep him happy during our frequent meals out. We carry his booster seat, sure beats the icky restaurant high chairs, plus it has a tray, so he can play with his cup of ice and whatever else comes his way. At the end we just wipe it down and pop it back in the car. Bilal enjoyed the miso soup, and had a bit of tomato from the salad. Then he actually ate a good bit of rice and noodles, all the while being entertained by the chef cooking in front of us. It was funny to hear him to say "hot!" every time he saw steam or a flame go up. He finished off his meal with his first ever fortune cookie. His fortune read :

Now as far as Bilal goes that doesn't make any sense, today. However, who knows what the future holds? We already know that we have a bright little guy on our hands. Add to that his determination, and the sky's the limit! Hamza's fortune promised that he would make and keep a lot of money. Well, there might be a bit of a struggle as far as keeping money goes, he has to spend every dime he gets. We've had little money management talks here and there, hopefully it will sink in before he goes to college. He still is only 9 years old!

Next Tuesday is GATE (Gifted and talented Education)'s annual marketplace. The students make items and sell them, with the proceeds going to the GATE program, minus expenses. This year we have decided to steer away from selling edibles. Last year we were competing with at least 8 other teams who were selling cupcakes. This year Hamza is making necklaces out of beads and guitar picks. I think he's being pretty creative, he doesn't want any help, and all that Zakir did was drill the little holes in the picks for him. He is designing and making the necklaces himself. I think his business holds a lot of promise, but then I am a bit biased!


Krista said...

I LOVE Japanese steak houses...I'm so jealous! Now you have my mouth watering!

Love the pics of the lipstick! Those will be ones to save for the teenage years!

have a great week!

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