Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Back from the GI clinic

We're back with a game plan. First of all, Bilal weighed 23 pounds today, that's a hefty half pound gain in 2 weeks, keeping him very comfortably on the 10th percentile for weight! I'm sure the Periactin is stimulating his appetite, but admittedly he's taking in more Pediasure, not more food. I don't want him to be on mushy and liquid food for the rest of his life, but it's great that he's gained all that weight. We'll be thinking about possibly weaning him off Prevacid some time over the summer, and maybe stepping back down to Axid for a while. We'll be keeping him on Periactin for about a year. well, as long as he's tolerating it without side effects, why not? It does seem to be helping. As far as going back to OT the consensus is that here at Children's they are not as skilled with specific feeding issues, so there's probably no point. We do know that Bilal is fully capable of chewing and swallowing when its suits him, so there's nothing much to learn. If we need to go more in depth with feeding issues there is a great program in Atlanta that might be useful. I don't think we're at that point quite yet, but it might be a thought in the future. Meanwhile we're just going to keep working on his mealtimes. Lately Bilal has gotten into dropping unwanted food off his tray onto the floor, ugh! I noice that if there is less food on his tray he seems to be less intimidated with the meal, so I add on food incrementally. Of course it makes for a long drawn out meal, but the end point is to get him to eat more. He loves his Pediasure, and it is very filling, so I have to resist giving it to him when it's time to eat.

Waiting for the doctor and reading his new Airplane Book

The temperature is a very balmy mid 70's here today and there is a possibility of breaking the 76 degree record. Basically it is weather very conducive to the formation of tornados and thunderstorms. I know there is rain in the forecast, but I haven't heard about any severe weather alerts yet, let's see how things go.

As I am typing this Bilal is watching his favorite Classical Baby DVD. He can turn on the DVD player/TV in our bedroom whenever he pleases, he's gotten to be so resourceful. I also have to keep re-locating the kitchen stool, because whenever he wants to get to something, he picks up and positions the stool, climbs on it and Voila! he can reach anything he wants. Disaster! He is also saying "Mama" all the time now. It did take 18 months, but now he has a new favorite word, I love it! He is also identifying things all over the place. We saw a billboard for a new seafood place with a fish as its logo and he immediately shouted out "Tish!" Later he pointed out to a little burn I have on my wrist, said "boo-boo" and gave it a kiss. How sweet!


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