Sunday, January 20, 2008


Finally, what the kids have been waiting for all winter, snow! It was only an inch or so, but it made their day. Hamza and Bilal got to play, but Safa, sadly, was cooped up in the Dojo, trying to get in the rest of her 50 hours of Karate before Friday. She made it home in time to make her 8 inch tall snowman on the deck. Most of the snow had melted within 2 hours, but it was fun, and very pretty, while it lasted. Even Tiny dared to venture out, and you could see her cute little pawprints in the lawn. You'll get a bit of an idea if you watch our video and slideshow. Well, if it only snows every seven years, we'll make a big deal about it!

All in all it's been a busy weekend. I went to make rounds at the hospital Saturday and Sunday, and we were invited out to dinner Friday night, and to a big party on Saturday night at the Hoover Met, for Amal who recently finished reading the Quran. Today I took Safa and Hamza to the Hoover Crescent open house; the mosque is a beautiful addition to the community. On top of that I think I'm getting sick.......again! As Safa said today, mama can't get sick! Between home, work and the kids I don't have time to get sick. But I feel the familiar wheeze of bronchitis coming on, and that burning sensation in my chest. I'm just hoping that I wake up feeling better tomorrow; that's my cue to wrap up this update and call it a night.


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