Monday, January 14, 2008


Both Safa and Hamza came home to today with homework. Safa has a lot of it. Plus she has to write her own debate for this month's meet. Talk about a lot to do. She has been upstairs doing some research on the computer ever since she got home and Hamza is solving math sheets in the kitchen. Bilal is running around like a little maniac. I took my eyes of him for less than a minute and he sneaked a cookie sheet out of the cabinet, and poured his milk into the middle of the sitting room. Luckily I don't give him more than a sip or two unless it's in a cup with a lid. Now he's sitting ripping up the mail, little busybody! When he is caught doing something naughty he puts on his "who me?" innocent face.

Here is Hamza with the class pet, Milo.

And Bilal happy to be back in his own bathtub.


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