Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mommy moments

I am starting to love bed times with Bilal. We have fallen into a very comfortable routine, that I wouldn't change for anything. After Bilal's bathtime, which he absolutely loves, we 'tuck in' Hamza and Safa. It has to be in that particular order. Bilal turns out the light in each of their rooms and pulls the doors shut after blowing them a quick kiss. Then, armed with his blankie, we go to his bedroom, where I sit with him in the rocker. After the bedtime prayer we rock quietly in the dark. That is the time when I really get to cuddle Bilal. Usually he's running around if he's awake, so I don't get to enjoy any laptime with him. After a couple of yawns I'll ask him if he's ready to go into his crib. He'll nod his head and after a few more kisses and hugs, he happily goes into the crib, and usually will sleep until morning. I know that as the kids get older things change, and they don't seem to need mama as much as they did when they were smaller, but mama always needs the kids. Why does it always seem that they are ready to let go sooner than mama?

It's been pouring this evening. The cats are cooped up in the house. I walked into the bedroom and they had totally taken over our bed. Even now as I'm typing this, Tiny is snuggled up against me. Well, maybe when the kids quit needing me the cats still will!

Here's Sammy curled up and tucked in for the night.

And Tiny curled up where I am supposed to sleep.


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