Friday, January 25, 2008


Bilal has the flu. We took him to see the pediatrician this morning, and he tested positive. That would explain the high fever overnight and the vomiting this morning. I was already feeling bad that I didn't take my flu shot this year and got sick, now I feel like a terrible mama! I'm resposible for my child getting sick, he must have caught it from me! Last night when Bilal called for us just after midnight, I brought him downstairs to our bed. His temp was over 102 at that time. After taking Tylenol and a bit of milk he lay with us for a little while, then got fussy. When I asked him if he wanted to go back to bed, he responded with a familiar "Ta". So I put him back in his crib, and camped out in his room for the rest of the night. He is so used to sleeping and thrashing around in his own crib that he can't sleep with us very comfortably any more! When he woke his fever was just as high, and didn't go down even after more Tylenol. I'm glad I took him in to see his Pedi, so he got started on Tamiflu in time to make some difference. I've been pleasantly surprised that he hasn't acted too sick through it all, and has even been willing to eat some food, even though he did throw up all over the car seat and his high chair today. It was a 'Loads o laundry' day.

Bilal is up to the 10th percentile in weight. This is really big news, after having been at 5% for more than a year. And his height is still at 50%. Seems like the Periactin has helped stimulate his appetite enough to help him gain weight. His pediatrician seems to think that he should be articulating more by now, so she is going to set us up with speech therapy. She said it can sometimes take months to get in, so if his speech starts to improve before he gets evaluated we'll just call and cancel. He also has a hernia in the right groin, which is going to have to be repaired some time or the other. I don't like the idea of him having to be put to sleep for any procedure, and I'm hoping it can wait until after Bilal's PC appointment in July, so we can get it cleared by Dr. Colvin.


Unknown said...

Thats the pits. I hope Bilal fights this off quickley and continues to eat. He is in the 10th percentile, way to go! We are barely hanging on the the 5th percentile. I didn't know Bilal was on periactin. We are going to see our GI doc next month and was going to ask him about this. I wasn't sure if a child with a CHD could be on this because of the side effects. Has he had any problems? How long has he been on it? Did it drastically increase his appetite? Sorry for all the questions.

I think Arianna still has her umbilical hernia. They said it closed but it doesn't seem like it closed all the way. I guess that is something I ask the GI doc? I don't know anymore, they all overlap on stuff. We just found a ST today so we'll be doing speech therapy as well. Looks like our kiddos have alot in common. Hope you all start feelin better soon.

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