Thursday, January 24, 2008

Another eventful day in the Khan Household

I dragged myself through clinic this morning, with everyone telling me I needed to go home and go to bed. Yeah, right! (I promise to take a flu shot in 2008, I've learned my lesson; I even had to stay home from work yesterday, and that's rare). Anyway, in the middle of our lunch staff meeting I got a call from the school. Apparently Hamza ran into a pole whole playing football at recess, and had a gash in his head. The school nurse kept insisting that Hamza was doing fine, he didn't even cry, but his forehead needed "to be looked at". Needless to say, I flew down Hwy 75, driving more than a wee bit over the speed limit (the state troopers must have been very forgiving today), and picked Hamza up from the school. When I saw his forehead I was more concerned by the depth of the laceration than the size of it. It obviously needed to be sutured. Now I have sutured more lacerations than I could ever remember, but I was't about to take a needle to my son's temple. So I took him to an urgent care clinic and he got three stitches. He was such a big boy, he didn't even cry when he was getting that terrible numbing medicine lidocaine injected into his head. Now if this were Safa, well........ I'm really proud of how well Hamza did.

The kids still had to go to the Dojo this evening to polish a few skills before their test tomorrow. On the way back we were talking and joking about the unfortunate fate of the light pole that Hamza ran into, and Safa was teasing Hamza about losing some brain cells when he bumped his head. A bit of the dialogue:

Hamza: "My head hurts."

Mama: "Hon, it's going to hurt a bit, I'll give you some Tylenol when we get home"

Hamza: "It hurts when I think!"

(So much laughter in the car that I thought I would drive it off the road!!)

Hamza: "It hurts when I laugh too."

Tomorrow's post will include a video that I'm trying to transfer upstairs, so I can compress it for the web. It usually takes me a minute, but maybe it's my stuffy, influenza head, I just can't seem to accomplish it tonight. Tune in to watch a couple of minutes spent in our kitchen. Mundane, you may say, but precious memories for us.


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