Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Another debate meet

Safa went to Samford University yesterday for debate. I was the designated driver, so I drove the 4 girl team there, and hung around while they were presenting their speeches. What I didn't know was that yesterday was also the day that the first semester awards were to be given out, so I was glad that I got to go. Safa was presented with a certificate for first place in Middle School debate in the Birmingham region. The president of Samford Debate personally spoke to Safa and remarked on how rare it was to get perfect scores like she did during the last meet. He has promised her a 'wrestling belt'; it is presented to the first place winner each semester. She'll get it during the next meet. I think the girls did rather well yesterday too; we don't know individual scores yet, but her team won both affirmative and negative debates, and overall Hewitt won 8 of 12 debates. Hamza and Bilal got to hang out with Vicki in the afternoon while we were gone, so that was a bit of a treat.


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