Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Another child lost to CHD

Yesterday I heard about a precious child named Kate who lost her year and a half battle with CHD. She was probably only a few weeks older than Bilal, and had the same primary diagnosis, in addition to some other complex defects. It reminds you just how fragile life can be. Even though I don't 'dwell' on Bilal's heart issues, you can't ignore the scar on his chest, and the fact that he was born with a broken heart. With the miracle of medicine and God's grace he is one of the fortunate ones; he has had one surgery to repair the defects associated with Tetralogy of Fallot, and we do not anticipate any more. My heart goes out to Kate's family, and all others who are struggling with, or have lost a child to congenital heart disease. Just a reminder, February 7-14th 2008 is congenital heart disease awareness week. Increased awareness of this common birth defect could lead to earlier diagnosis, and more research into its causes, which may subsequently lead to less precious lives lost. I am compiling a list of resources which can provide more knowledge of CHD; feel free to check out the sites listed to the right.


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