Tuesday, December 4, 2007

GI Update

We're just back from the GI clinic this morning. Bilal has made a little more progress with weight gain, and is now finally 21 pounds, that's a teeny bit over 1/2 a pound gain in one month. Still on the 5th percentile, at the bottom of the growth curve, but following his own curve. We're just going to accept it. His appetite fluctuates so much, he still often coughs in his sleep, but he's holding his own. And as always, he's so active! Our gastro predicts Bilal may need to stay on the Prevacid until 2 years of age, that's when the reflux should subside. If it means taking one dose of Prevacid every day we can handle that. We are also going to start him on Periactin to stimulate his appetite, and we'll be going back in 2 months for follow up, mostly to check his weight.

We have two laptop computers in the shop, getting repaired, both damaged by the Li'l Stinker, who has dropped them both one too many times. This little guy is getting to be expensive! Both computers have a problem with the power supply at the least, and my home computer won't even boot up. This morning I was holding him, I reached into the fridge to get the milk and he deftly grabbed the box of baking soda and poured it all over the kitchen floor. After I wiped it up he got hold of the cereal box, and there was another mess on the floor. The fridge has a lock, and I think we're going to have to get one for the oven too. I don't remember ever having to baby proof the house this much when Safa or Hamza were little. Bilal can reach places you could never imagine he could get into! If he wants something, he finds a way to get it, he is so determined and stubborn!



Glad the GI appt went well. Gaining weight is always a good thing! And you are right he is a little stinker :)

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