Friday, December 21, 2007

Counting the hours down

Well, we're leaving in about 12 hours, and we're finally just about packed. There's always something to pack at the last minute. I have to keep reminding myself that we're not going to the Boondocks, it's just Islamabad, a bustling cosmopolitan city, where we could buy anything that got left at home, but still there is this urge to pack more things, just in case...... Zakir is more worried about us not being able to come back home.

The day started off with me going to work for a few hours. Not long after I got a frantic call from Zakir, telling me to hurry back, because Hamza threw up in the middle of Walmart, and the day was just not going well. Bilal wouldn't eat breakfast from Zakir, so he got him dressed an went outside, where he proceeded to chase him around with a bowl of cereal and bananas. I think Bilal is sensing the pre-travel tension, and reacting to it. Zakir also had to stop to get a leak in one of the MDX's tires patched too. All in all it's been a pretty full day. My resolution for tonight is to actually go to bed at a decent hour, rather than around midnight, as it has been lately.

We are thinking of things to do for the few daylight hours we're in New York. It's probably going to be a museum of some sort, something age appropriate for the kids. High temp is predicted to be 42 degrees, with a low of 39. Hopefully no rain! Our flight from JFK is around 10am on Sunday morning, and we've booked a Hampton Inn as close to the airport as possible. Hoping and praying for no glitches. I'll keep my updates coming whenever possible.

A couple of recent pics:


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