Monday, December 3, 2007

The Christmas Parade

The kids had a great time on Saturday. They walked in the Christmas parade with other members of the Dojo, and threw out candy to the onlookers. We all walked down to the mall with Bilal in the stroller; the weather was perfect, probably the warmest it has ever been since we've been going to the parades. It wasn't dreary and dull like last year; the sun was out and it was a balmy day with temps in the upper 60s. Bilal got to eat his first ever lollipop while he was watching the activity going on. Why should he miss out on the sugar all the time?

The kids have been spending a little more time outdoors. Yesterday Hamza and Bilal helped Zakir rake the leaves in the front yard. Well, Bilal got bored pretty soon, but Hamza earned a dollar! Safa's trying to make some money by doing the laundry for me, since when should you get paid for chores you should be helping with anyway??!!

We go to the GI clinic for Bilal's follow up tomorrow. His reflux is still an issue; we're just waiting for him to finally outgrow it. That said, tonight he had pancakes for supper, and ate pretty well, actually he seemed to like the maple syrup more than the pancakes, he's inherited the sweet tooth from both sides of the family!


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